Welcome to F1 R/C LAB !!! the company formerly known as F1PAINTLAB

  While we are proud of the paint and detail work we do, the company name did not reflect everything we are about. It amazes me how this venture has evolved in the last 18 months. It has been a learning experience through and through.

My goal when creating this company was to become the goto for R/C Formula 1 related products and while there is always room for expansion I would say that we are right on target to meet that goal.  We are continually adding new products and product lines to our catalog. We are the US distributor for Pardus Racing, and WRC from Italy. We are also the exclusive dealer for the VF1 bodies that are rapidly gaining popularity.

  I have added a tips section to the site for all you DIY's. While I will not give away every last secret, and hope that you still purchase  painted bodies from us, you should find this section useful in diving into your F1 projects be they race, or show.

With the launch of this new site, you will now be able to access the store right from the site by simply clicking on the store tab.

  Lastly I would like to spread some thanks.

The biggest thank you's go out to John Discher and Charles Lightfoot, you are both incredible photographers and truly make this site what it is.

To all of my partners that provide me products to sell and put up with my constant demands, my family, and to you the customers, past, present, and future. Without you there would be no reason to do this site, and I greatly appreciate each and every one of you.




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