Welcome to F1 R/C LAB !!! the company formerly known as F1PAINTLAB


Formula 1 is one of the oldest form of motorsports and its rich history provides a wealth of subject matter to model. F1 R/C LAB was created to celebrate Formula 1's history in scale.  Our goal is to provide F1 and R/C enthusiasts as many choices as we can to fulfill their F1 fantasies, be that a Jim Clark Lotus , a Senna McLaren or any of the championship machines of Michael Schumacher. Being F1 enthusiasts we study the cars and try to capture as much detail as possible whether for a decal sheet or a completed model. Being racers we build, test and race as many different products as time allows to offer you the customer only the best products available for your needs. F1 is our focus, but our love of racing causes an occasional stray into Sports and GT cars and their history. Thank you for visiting our site, feel free to contact us with any questions or feedback you might have.



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