We get a lot of requests for finished bodies here in the lab. Most of the time customers have no issue with the price that comes with our products. On a few occaisions sticker shock sets in, which begs the question, what sets us apart from the rest?

Firstly because of my background in art and design, I have an eye for details. Line, shape, color are all factors in making an accurate replica.  Because of limited choices of body types many of the liveries need to be adapted to work with the available bodies.  The ability to translate stripes and graphics over the body forms is the first step to a succesful replica

Depending on the car we are trying to replicate,  we will custom mix a color to run in the airbrush. But Tamiya offers an extensive pallete of colors  to choose from, and their paints spray nicely and dry quickly. Make no mistakes though, it is rare for us to  use one color straight from the can. We have done many sprayouts trying different colors and in different sequences to achieve the proper shade and effect for a particular color

The next step in making a convincing F1 replica is the decals. There are not a lot of comercially available F1 decals available, so we make our own. We have invested in the state of the art digital inkjet printing technology, an 8 color solvent based inkjet printer. This printer is capable of printing opaque white and a full range of metallic colors , as well as the standard color palette. All artwork is created in vector format to ensure the sharpest resolution at any scale. We print on the highest quality clear cast vinyl that we can find. Cast vinyl is the most flexible film on the market and allows the decals to conform to virtually any compound surface on the body

The devil as they say is in the details and with our process this also holds true. We try to capture as much of the real car in scale as possible. A combination of paint , decals, and gloss levels helps to complete the picture that at a second glance you would swear was real!!!